Not everyone has to walk in your shoes

The languages, we speak and communicate in are enriched with beautiful idioms, phrases, and sayings. Often we hear ourselves saying, oh what do they know about our struggles, it’s so easy to construct a definition of hopes, dreams, and achievements. They don’t have a speck of our miseries and feelings. Hey! stop, noting conventional is coming up in this blog post.

Being humans, we like to stay ahead of our fellow members, their success suffocates us (let’s just be honest ) and we question ourselves, “I deserved his or her position” or “I wasn’t made to lead this life”. But, have we ever considered the option of pondering upon their dreams and the magnificent end result of their struggles. They are eating the fruit of their own hard work and zest. If you want to relish that fruit, sow your seed and water it with your own hard work and honesty. Some things, can’t be stolen, they have to be earned.

It’s painful to see, everyone settling in their careers, matrimonial lives, and skins. And all you have to do is to line up for the job interviews, admission tests, and loans. When the words, “hope”, “patience” and “this too shall pass” seem utopian and archaic to you. The thoughts of you “being a constant failure” and a “pitied sight” encompasses you 24/7. You only see the struggle, the frustration, the depravity and the black clouds but you fail to recognize “God’s scheme” and the “concept of waiting for your right time”. And when I say, God’s scheme, I mean it because he has the control of our never ending wishlists. If this hadn’t been the case, no one would have believed him.

Have we ever wondered that being grim and being glee, takes the exact amount of time and energy.  If we don’t have to worry about our next meals like millions of people in this world, then why are we complaining? Have we given our more than hundred percent to our dreams?  Does a person’s opinion be strong enough to demolish the foundations of our aspirations and future plans? My dear, people have to say, they have to criticize because that’s what tongues are for. For speaking and criticizing. The problematic area is our brain and heart, we have made them so fragile and crystal like, that every person can break them, leaving us in utter hopelessness and depression. What if we tame our senses, our organs, and our thoughts to block such lethal thoughts with the anti-malware of positivity and steadfastness because crying and worrying aren’t going to help much.

If you want to be there, what you have aimed, you must have to strive and bleed. We often hear people criticizing, but sometimes criticism can be constructive too if you don’t receive criticism, how will you be able to measure your popularity rate. When the celebrities and the famous personalities, give speeches or life lessons, they share their experience and the words of wisdom, they had learned in their way to achieving their positions. The road to your desires have many milestones and those milestones can be passed by taking the first step. If you’re taking more time, then it’s pretty okay, you’re a lone racer and the trophy is yours and yours only. Gap years, failures, low incomes, joblessness, loneliness, lovelorn, deceivings, and deprivations are not the words you haven’t ever heard in your life. You only have you and you should treat yourself worthy of you.

Besides, divesty makes you understand the worth of something that otherwise you would take for granted. Not everyone has to walk in your shoes, not everyone has the same size. Monotony is cheap, versatility is hard to achieve but once achieved, there is no turning back. Gather up your spirits and water the seedling of your future garden. Focus on your best and leave the rest. You’re a human so you must be unique and creative in a different way.


A Moment’s Agony

We all are in agony and this won’t last long.

Everything in me is taking a rest
to get over with the test.
My feet, stumble and trip
my knees, get bruised
when I walk down the aisle
every single day.
My fingers hurt, my throat soars
my knuckles break, my soul shakes.
My head aches, my heart breaks.
My teeth clatter, my lips chapped.
The agony is too much for the
I can’t put this in a sonnet.
I need rest to pass the test.
To prove my weakness, in order to
score strength.
I need to shed tears to hear me laugh
I need to spill my blood to make them admire me again.
I need to stand since I can’t live in the pitfall cause I am aiming for the spotlight.
Everything in me is taking a rest
so when time comes, I shall be
able to give my best.