“There is a word called Depression”


Delving deep into the depression,
crying, cursing, dying every moment,
tired, terrified, terrible every time,
exhausted, ended, engulfing every single morsel.
Banished, baffled, bannaled is how I feel,
loathsome, lacky, lousy is how I have become.
Oh, Life!! give me my share of happiness.
Where have you hidden it?
Is it among people or wealth?
put an end to my miseries
Reinvigorate me!
I had always been a fighter but let me be a fugitive
this time.
No more fatigue, fighting, and ferociousness this time.
Give me a future with all its might
Let me be thankful enough this time.
Since I’ve left no more in me what it takes to be right this time
There is a word called Depression,
I wish I wasn’t acquainted with.


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