For I was ready

For I was ready to walk in the cheap hotels with you.

I was ready to be gazed at, by the society, for you.

I was ready, to be judged, by them, for you.

For I was ready to cling to you in your hardest times.

I killed my fantasies and broke the perfect image of everything.

I put my doubts to sleep, an eternal sleep.

For I was ready to love you with all my might.

I was ready to betray them, who never betrayed me.

I was ready to make an acquaintance with your demons’ vices.

But there were things you weren’t ready for.

You were empirical with the world, solely.

And Solicitude was my utmost abode.

You were good with words and rituals,

that fed your purposes accordingly.

You had your pockets heavy with solutions.

One of those solutions was, sweeping me off,

from your life.

For I had burdened you, with MY hopes of US.

You left, leaving me with the burden of You.

Mirthful, I am, that you left.

Because every stone pillar, can not warrant sanctuary.



I’ll Always be a 90’s Kid

For I’ll always be a 90’s kid
I’ll jump on every crossing sign,
I’ll twist my finger in the cassette hole,
I’ll always love the typewriters
and the polaroids.
I’ll always love the frilled frocks
and the moist bibs.
For I’ll always be a 90’s kid.
The sight of enormous dictionaries
will always enlighten me.
For I am still a 90’s kid,
I am everywhere out there,
in the jigsaws and in the seesaws,
in the swings and in the rings.
In old frames and elders
remembering our silly shapes.
In storybooks and in the reading nooks.
For I’ll always be a 90’s kid
© Writing Aspirations