Walking away to walk anew

I am tearing apart,

I won’t lie,

you pushed me from 

the brink of a mighty mountain.

My bruises are turning into

sour wounds.

My soul is wrecked,

and mind still wants you back.

But, Heart detests you,

the heart that once loved you.

Of all my achings and sorrows,

I am burying your memories.

Let the justice restore itself.

Let God save me from my demoms

and for you! my prayers are not 

prayers anymore.

They are curses now.

I want to be selfish for some time,

till I learn to value my wretched self. 

My verses are weak and discordant.

Till then you laugh, 

because you’ll shriek in agony

one day soon. 

I am easing out my shoulders

from the baggage, that’s

not mine to carry. 


They had my mirror

I once had a mirror,

spotless shine.

Felt so good to gaze at

myself in that mirror.

That face, vitality of

that face!

Then I took my mirror

towards them.

I wanted to complete them.

They took my mirror 

and turned the shiny 

surface into gory black.

Their reflection was so


Darker than the moonless night.

I walked away from them,

in search of moon. 

For I was ready

For I was ready to walk in the cheap hotels with you.

I was ready to be gazed at, by the society, for you.

I was ready, to be judged, by them, for you.

For I was ready to cling to you in your hardest times.

I killed my fantasies and broke the perfect image of everything.

I put my doubts to sleep, an eternal sleep.

For I was ready to love you with all my might.

I was ready to betray them, who never betrayed me.

I was ready to make an acquaintance with your demons’ vices.

But there were things you weren’t ready for.

You were empirical with the world, solely.

And Solicitude was my utmost abode.

You were good with words and rituals,

that fed your purposes accordingly.

You had your pockets heavy with solutions.

One of those solutions was, sweeping me off,

from your life.

For I had burdened you, with MY hopes of US.

You left, leaving me with the burden of You.

Mirthful, I am, that you left.

Because every stone pillar, can not warrant sanctuary.


Shattered Mirror

Lying under the white sheet

staring at the plain, smooth roof.

Twirling a strand of my hair,

trying aimlessly to gather my thoughts.

Want to taste the tear, gushing through my eye.

Want to feel it chilling my burning cheek.

Wondering, where is the pivot point of my life.

Suddenly, a melody spreads in my room

And my flesh starts turning sour,

goosebumps are tantalizing the surface of my bare arm.

I remember I heard that melody with you.

When you had your best garb on.

When I deemed in you and your

ornamented lies.

When I lived decades in few seconds.

When I felt complete and healed for

the first time.

When I felt secure in your arms.

When I rejoiced in your little successes.

But then, the mirror of perfection got


You provided me with my worst nightmare “Aloneness” and you left.

and you left.

As you wanted peace.

That my soul failed to give you.

But you said, you were a chaos.

Yes, you were right there, you

were indeed, a chaos.

But you didn’t tell me that you

were a thief too.

You stole my peace with great dexterity.

You deprived me of my only possession.

May you not have it!

I am slipping out of the bed now,

Taking heavy steps, fastly.

Blocking my ears, calming the

tumultuous waves inside me.

I have stopped the melody

and I am going to fool my organs

once again.

Like I did, when I was with you.

In a Metro Bus

Some destinies aren’t meant for us.

That was a hazy day,

people were rubbing their

hands to get some warmth. 

They were running to their 

destinations that weren’t

meant for them. 

All of them gathered in a metro,

there was one similarity 

among them.

At that moment, all were travellers, 

all had dreams.

Some were going to see their loved ones

some were parting from them.

There were students, 

white lab coats, coffin of their dreams.

 Yet they were wearing those coats.

There were elder people, 

their wrinkled cheeks, 

like the steep path, 

showed how life was for them.

Their watchful eyes, their silence.

The enigma of their presence, 

described their legacy.

There were toddlers, jumping to and fro

in careless joys.

Their definition of life was enriched 

with dreams and possibilities.

The metro bus, was moving slowly, 

there was an unknown danger, 

some fearful thoughts and 

some aspirations to be fulfilled.

Yet all of them were running from their selves, 

from their dreams.

Every station, brought a chance to return,

 to chase the dreams.

But all of them were like metro track, 

they were being walked upon 

and ruled upon.

Once again, 

man was miserable in the hands of fate. 

You’re the only one

Yes ! you’re the only one.

Admit it and embrace it.

You’re the only one.

Not for him or them,

but for your ownself.

No one can assure a

safe heaven for you,

except the ONE.

Sitting above the seven

skies and limitlessness. 

Your sins may be uncountable

but still unaccountable, if you


People will scale your sins, tatter your

soul and pollute that very character

of yours which they themselves painted


They will make you sin, then they will

abraise you.

How funny is that.

Yet how comforting is this, that

HE is the only one for you.

Earthly promises dissolve,

HEAVENLY promises are absloute