Feminity ? 

I don’t have to prove my feminity to everyone, especially to the people who treated me like shit.

I am just a gender devoided person inside a woman’s body. I like wearing makeup sometimes, sometimes Kohl rimmed eyes look so ravishing to me. I am not a part of the judgment and banning brigade.

I never asked a guy to prove his masculinity and I won’t, ever. It’s not his job to safeguard me or treat me like a feline creature. For me, all the men I had had once loved, were also like spirits inside a Male’s body. I’d rather be a humanist than being a feminist.

I am just trying to save my inner self for me. I don’t want them to drag the veil of my soul on thorny bushes.

I am wild, I am a non-conformist and a narcissist. I can’t conceal my innermost self anymore for their comfort.


A Moment’s Agony

We all are in agony and this won’t last long.

Everything in me is taking a rest
to get over with the test.
My feet, stumble and trip
my knees, get bruised
when I walk down the aisle
every single day.
My fingers hurt, my throat soars
my knuckles break, my soul shakes.
My head aches, my heart breaks.
My teeth clatter, my lips chapped.
The agony is too much for the
I can’t put this in a sonnet.
I need rest to pass the test.
To prove my weakness, in order to
score strength.
I need to shed tears to hear me laugh
I need to spill my blood to make them admire me again.
I need to stand since I can’t live in the pitfall cause I am aiming for the spotlight.
Everything in me is taking a rest
so when time comes, I shall be
able to give my best.

It’s okay to be scared

There was a time when every one of us was afraid of demons and other supernatural things. When life unwrapped itself, we came to know that the real demons are much more ferocious than the prior.

Life is like an unsteady path, beautified with the pitfall of broken trust and other miseries. Trusting someone is like giving them the most fragile pieces of yours, in the hope that they will be taken good care of. When someone hurts you, your most fragile pieces get shattered. You feel like giving up on yourself, you fall deeper in the depths of despair. Your meaning of life totally rat you out. You dread going to the fancy pyramids you once built but all is not lost, my friend.

You get scared of being hurt again but hey listen it’s okay to be scared. If you value your self-esteem, your feelings and the purity of your thoughts then it’s your right to be scared. It’s a common saying that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Once you’ve realized your worth and strength, that’s the high time to scare the world with your strength and power of will. If someone breaks your trust, don’t seek vengeance rather be someone’s confidant and help them in picking their selves up. You’re a gem, don’t let others steal your gleam and worth. Love yourself and never settle for less than the best. the whole world awaits you. Be someone’s reason to smile and build their trust on trusting their own guts. Spread happiness and positivity in response to hatred and negativity. For you’ve got all the right spirits to do that.